Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shakespeare on the Sound

Developing marketing materials for this regional theater that includes: poster, mailers, web consulting and advertising.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Expressive Typography

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series of posters for the CIO office of IBM highlighting how e-business was changing IBM.

Partnership with:
Brent Hood, Tangent Design
Bob Devol, Writer


Created a brand for this IBM software/hardware reseller company that included: identity, print material, trade show booths, web site and sale presentations.

Outward Bound

The challenge was to re-brand the organization from both a strategic and functional purpose. The original logo was difficult to use and was often replace by a type solution. Also, the original identity did not allow for a clear visual representation of Outward Bound’s 5 core programs.

By developing a new logo and signature system that was built around a simplified compass symbol, each core division could stand on its own while building on the Outward Bound mission.

In 2008, the Outward Bound identity was highlighted in Jeff Fisher's "Identity Crisis!: 50 Redesigns That Transformed Stale Identities Into Successful Brands."

In 2006 the Outward Bound identity also won a Merit Award from ReBranding 100 for myself, Tony Spaeth and Margaret Miller, Director of Marketing & PR Outward Bound.

Partnership with:

Tony Spaeth, Corporate Identity Consultant

IBM PC Company

Proposed advanced interface designs, created package designs and developed several versions of the Access ThinkPad interface currently on the iSeries ThinkPads, IntelliStations, and NetVistas. 

Partnership with:

Brent Hood, Tangent Design

Design Philosophy

My objective is to create a uniquely clear and direct visual voice that is heard over the noise of competition and culture. My creativity is sparked by the challenge of making visual sense of complex information and discovering the core ideas of a business issue. I believe that it is the open collaboration with clients that make a project successful and exciting.

The ability to create a visual dialogue of sufficient power to accomplish objectives requires the design team and client to adhere to a specific set of principals: a clear purpose, integrity of message, and a passion for their deliverable. By managing the intricacies of this delicate creative and financial process, with the client, I can express the intellectual and emotional intimacy of the message.

The majority of my projects fall into 3 major categories:

• Corporate Identity and Branding

• Internet and Intranet Design

•  Interface and Information Design

Friday, December 5, 2008

Small Steps

I have started out on a new adventure to leave my passive nature behind and embrace a more dynamic life.