Monday, October 19, 2009

Social Media Avatar for Goodwill of NY & NJ

Like many organizations today, Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and New Jersey has stepped into the social media environment to broaden their audience connections.

With this action, it was important to create a icon/avatar for the organization that used the nationally recognized Goodwill logo but at the same time made the individual organization the visual hero while promoting a youthful attitude.

Partnership with: The Vanderbilt Agency, Norwalk, CT

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rockledge Properties – Website Design

Rockledge Properties transforms historical Harlem properties into apartments that are spacious, secure, and beautiful. Tenants are primarily: college students, recent graduates starting careers, young professionals, professors and staff at nearby colleges/universities, or young families. 

To appeal to the primary tenants, I designed a site that was simple and direct, reflecting a warm and modern living style.

Partnership with: Ann Zeller, Eastern Consolidated

Monday, May 4, 2009

SSJR Site Live

SSJR is a law firm specializing in intellectual property matters. Focusing exclusively on IP issues, SSJR builds long-term partnerships with their clients that result in extraordinary effective legal solutions.

As part of the aabalone[red] team the developed the new SSJR website, I created a web site design the highlighted the technical and professional aspect of SSJR’s business, while emphasizing their commitment to their clients by highlighting the individual lawyers who make those extraordinary legal solutions possible.

Partnership with: aabalone[red]

Friday, February 20, 2009

Blue Back - Know the Way

(Click on logo to see applications.)

Blue Back Group is an employee benefit advisory and business improvement firm dedicated to helping improve employee performance. Their collaborative way of working allows them to, through knowledge and conversation, lead businesses to successful choices and results.

Blue Back’s new logo illustrates how, through conversations, they open doors of knowledge that leads their clients on a clear path to success.

Partnership with: The Idea Factory, Inc.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

RayLign Foundation – patterns of behavior.

(Click on illustration to see invitation.)

RayLign facilitates family decisions that establish effective leadership and decision-making processes that builds respect, communications and financial well-being.

For RayLign’s annual gathering, that promotes dialogue between parents and adult children, I branded the event by creating both an illustration and logo for the invitation that shows how family generations are connected through patterns of behavior.

Partnership with: aabalone[red]

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Whitserve – igniting a creative spark.

Whitserve re-thinks work applications by inventing friendly web-based tools for professional services. To leverage the company’s inventive and unique approach to problems, Gail Wiggin at aabalone[red], created the unexpected, a friendly creative spark. My job was to design the web site and gave the spark a place(s) to live. The other requirement was to show Whitserve’s actual patents within the site – no pop-up windows. (see “What have we done?” section)

Partnership with:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why a Design Consultant?

It’s all about change.

Where there was product and company loyalty, now there is none. Where there were large demographic groups, now there are many micro groups. Standard communication paths to employees, customers, and prospects have been replaced by multiple paths.

Businesses are being subjected to revolutionary pressures and issues seldom dealt with in the past. Corporate downsizing has shifted the workforce. Cellular and internet technology is shifting the work environment. A better educated audience has shifted the markets.

In this ever-shifting business environment, you must find new and flexible connection points with your audiences – connection points that overcome the visible and invisible barriers created by culture, locations, and technology. Only a visual dialogue between you and your customers can bridge this change.

Only dialogue that is effective and efficient gets results.

What do designers do?

As designers we are cultural generalists, understanding the barriers and bridges between clients and their audiences. We find common connection points in written and visual languages that allow for a visual dialogue to exist and flourish.

Dialogue is based on a need to formulate and communicate a clear message. A message that is clear is based on three principles. Integrity – honesty to a set of values and an audience. Purpose – courage to attain announced goals. Passion – a devotion to an aim or cause. These principles are the foundation to effective communications. How they are combined and emphasized determines the intellectual and emotional intimacy of the message.

By managing this process, we combine your message and budget goals with your audience’s expectations, creating a unique visual voice that is heard over the noise of the competition and culture.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Finding my inner NASCAR!

So sometimes it's fun and rewarding to push outside ones own comfort zone - in 2008, using the NASCAR theme was my design push.

To promote a healthy lifestyle through the use of health assessments and checkups to a business population comprised largely of healthy, thirty-something aged men, we tapped into the NASCAR attitude and image. 

Partnership with:
The Idea Factory Inc.


FORE-SIGHT is CASMED's Cerebral Oximeter. It's the world's first non-invasive monitor that measures a patient's brain oxygenation during complex surgery.

The FORE-SIGHT monitor works by projecting harmless near-infrared light through the scalp and skull and into the brain. 

Partnership with
The Idea Factory

CASMED - For what's vital

CASMED is a leading developer of innovative, non-invasive vital sign monitoring technologies and products that deliver accurate, reliable patient data.

The search and development of the CASMED identity focused on building a brand that was modern, stable and suggested what their business was about - vital sign monitoring.   

Partnership with:
The Idea Factory

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Premise - software for the healthcare industry

The most important gauge in the success of a hospital is how a patient is admitted, treated and released. Premise provides decision support software tools to the healthcare industry in the area of capacity management.

Partnership with:
The Idea Factory

Friday, January 2, 2009

Celera Genomics - deciphering the human DNA

Some projects come with schedules that makes you clarify the objectives! Celera was named and designed in just 13 weeks, with the final logo design being picked by the great Craig Venter himself, the decoder of the human genome! He did not pick from the proposed designs but from the rough sketches - the least conventional solution! The final logo design combined the human element with a confident wordmark.

Partnership with:

Tony Spaeth

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Orbital - a Rocket & Satellite Communications Business

There are many times in the design business that best or most unique ideas are not implemented - for whatever reason. Orbital is such an example - drawn on a airline napkin, flying home from the final design presentation! 

Try as we might, the client had their hearts set on a swish and so the positive/negative globe was not to be. Still love the mark though! 

Partnership with:

Tony Spaeth

Footstar - a Wall Street Brand

Foorstar was the parent company of Footaction & Kmart's shoe operations. The goal for this mark was for it to be straight forward with no icons, or embellishments - in it's simplicity the Footstar mark showed confidence and strength. 

Partnership with:

Tony Spaeth