Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Preventing electrical risk.

In 2010 McPhee Electrical introduced a new preventive maintenance program called “PowerHawke” to protect their clients assets – buildings, business and people. PowerHawke is about keeping all the elements of your business in their place and being able to detect the ones that are not.

Partnership with: The Idea Factory, Inc.

Healthy lungs are the wind of life.

PAKA Pulmonary Pharmaceuticals is a technology company that delivers drugs directly to the lungs for treatment of lung diseases. The name PAKA is derived from Paka'a, the Hawaiian god of wind. And like Paka’a restoring the winds to the sea, PARA restores the wind to patient’s lungs.

The logo, through the lightness and openness of the font and mark, illustrates the unrestricted passage of air.