Sunday, November 20, 2011

Spruce Private Investors

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Spruce Private Investors serves as the Chief Investment Officer and asset manager for family offices and charitable institutions. Spruce has helped families and investors benefit from the ever-widening and sophisticated array of global investment opportunities.

As part of the aabalone[red] team to develop a new Spruce branding expression, I participated in the development of a new logo and subsequent branding applications. Spruce’s visual brand is all about growth and rich and diverse ways of achieving it.

Partnership with: aabalone[red]


Burstream is the creator of the NanoSpeed Market Data Mesh™.  The ‘NanoSpeed Mesh’ is a service-based offering for high frequency proprietary trading firms who desire the fastest market data processing speeds achievable while requiring rapid implementation and cost effective operations.  

As part of the aabalone[red] team to develop a Burstream branding expression, I participated in the development of a new logo, website and creation of schematics illustrating their business model. Burstream’s visual brand is all about direct, clean, unfettered speed.

Partnership with: aabalone[red]

Raylor Investments



While most firms focus on either investors or advisors, Raylor Investments understands that the two are intrinsically linked. Their holistic approach results in a single solution: a compelling investment strategy coupled with a sound business development strategy. From our perspective, the two are bound together—supporting the role of both an investment manager and a business manager.

As part of the aabalone[red] team to develop a expanded branding expression, I participated in the development of a new brochure, web site/blog that allowed for client interaction and the creation of schematics illustrating their business model. Raylor’s brand is all about bringing people together in a clear and individual way.

Partnership with: aabalone[red]

RayLign Foundation - 2011 Illustration

RayLign facilitates family decisions that establish effective leadership and decision-making processes that builds respect, communications and financial well-being. For RayLign’s annual gathering, that promotes dialogue between parents and adult children, I branded the 2011 event by creating a new illustration for the invitation that shows how family generations are connected through patterns that rely on each other – music notes.

Partnership with: aabalone[red]

Friday, July 1, 2011

Making a real connection between Lutheran HealthCare & Brooklyn

Lutheran HealthCare: 2010 Annual Report
Lutheran HealthCare is one of the nation’s most fully integrated health care systems and is an important part of keeping Brooklyn a vibrant community. To emphasize this fact, we highlighted 8 ways that Lutheran activity does this for Brooklyn and the benefits for both the hospital and the community in their 2010 annual report. 

Partnership with: The Idea Factory, Inc.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sysdyne Trade Show Booth Design

Sysdyne is in the business of providing processing systems for ordering, mixing, and delivering concrete. They traditionally have worked exclusively with concrete mixing plants so their brand has been very workman like to match their audience.

With the development of their new “cloud” based dispatch system, Sysdyne needed a tradeshow brand that spoke more to the where their technology was going – modern, digital, and multifaceted.